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Gemini Financial Services, Inc. was founded to provide our clients with structure and balance in their financial lives. Our services are comprehensive, yet adaptable to your individual needs. We want you to be comfortable that your financial plan will provide you the tools to support and protect your family in varying economic climates. We also want to offer you the ability to invest according to your personal values, and can help you establish a Socially Responsible Investing program.

We can help you with:

1.Financial Planning - Ensure that all the pieces of your financial plan are working together.

2.Investment Management - Balancing risk and returns to build you a portfolio for long-term security.

3.Risk Management and Insurance Services - Help reduce the worries of unforeseen circumstances severely impacting your financial health.

4.Education Planning - Establish a tax-advantaged investment plan to support your educational objectives for your children or grandchildren.

5.Retirement Planning - Help you provide yourself with a comfortable and secure retirement so that your money lasts throughout your lifetime.

6.Cash Flow/Budgeting - Structure your income and spending for efficient household money management..

We created this site to help you gain a better understanding of the financial concepts that are important to reaching your life goals. More importantly, we hope you see the value of working with skilled professionals to pursue your financial goals.

Please take advantage of this resource and visit often. Be sure to bookmark our site for easy access. We frequently update our information so you stay up to date with recent developments in the area of personal finance.

This site is also a conduit to our offices. If you don't have time to call during office hours, write us an email and we'll respond to you promptly the next business day.

Best wishes for a sound financial future.